silence yo


it’s oh so quiet

zed’s dad


Praca de Sao Paulo, right in front of Lisbon Calling Hostel, can be your changing room tonight. Nicole Cyron, our favorite fashion designer, from Zed’s Dad, will present her new collection as part of the Cidade ao Largo program. Show up.

optimus alive 2011


optimus alive 2011 has a great line up and it’s  just a 15 minutes train ride from lisbon calling hostel

optimus alive 2011 cuenta con un cartel lleno de grandes nombres y está a sólo 15 minutos en tren de lisbon calling hostel




falamos português


musidanças, speaking in tongues


o limbo do prazer


tomorrow, a celebration of pleasure and delight.

zed’s dad new collection, supercalifragilistic new menu, performance and video.

all day and all of the night at lxfactory

jameson urban routes at musicbox

VII doclisboa


the festival starts tomorrow and goes untill the 24 th.

doclisboa 2010

Tonight at Lounge