Freekuency is a free alternative culture festival that takes place in Fronteira.

Some of us will be there at the Happy Hang Out area, providing the same relaxed athmosphere as we have at Lisbon Calling.

Num is already there setting up the izi soundsystem and Stevie Tea is charging his solar powered batteries.

All invited.


feira da tralha


after the first comes the second before the third


crafts in bica


2nd hand market


swap, exchange, buy, sell, see, go.

12 and 13 december in bica’s largo de sto antoninho from 1pm to 7pm.

peniche pro search


this one is dedicated to all the goody bag careers out there… surfing bird.


rip curl pro search

shine & rise


CrewHassan is taking us all to Serra de Sintra for the next weekend.

From saturday 4pm to sunday afternoon, the sun will shine and the moon will rise over the beautifull landscapes of the area.

Check it out.

shine rise

el discomovil se mueve

corporación no te vayas corazón presenta una noche dermoestética en odeceixe.

después de la mala fama en copenhagen, tijuana se queda en blue sky.




free entrance


16h – 16h30 : Kumpania Algazarra
16h30 – 17h : Puzzle
17h – 17h30 : Stack em Blues
17h30 – 18h : Lula Pena
18h – 18h30 : Leituras : João Pacheco, Miguel Manso, E. M. Melo e Castro e Cyombra
18h30 – 19h : Babilónia Reduzida
19h – 19h30 : Jorge Ferraz
19h30 – 20h : Fernando Dinis (piano) e Reymundo (acordeão)
20h – 20h30 : Tramas
20h30 – 21h : Pedro e Diana
21h – 21h30 : Leituras : Luís Testa, Alice Valente Alves, Miguel Cardoso e Rui Antunes
21h30 – 22h : Paulo Condessa e Afonso Azevedo
22h – 22h30 : Apetite Mor
22h30 – 23h : Guto Pires
23h – 23h30 : Ventilan
23h30 – 24h : Samuel Úria e Amigos

rotas & rituais


A festival celebrating the shepherds.


Music, cinema, theatre, exhibitions… download the program

gaiteiros de lisboa, master musicians of jajouka, kepa junkera

It’s here.

We have the madness, foreigners, tubes, some silicon and even tranquilidade. Not only on the 9 de Junho but everyday.

Come check it out.