go inside and have a blast!

live act by zentex, plus djacob and lucio monteiro on the decks, taking alcântara-mar ship back to the stellar system.

get in for free. just send an email to with your name (and guests)


BUZZ thizz


Promoted by Filho Único, this night at Museu do Chiado, presents Tó Trips and his recently released album Guitarra 66.

It’s free.


“A camera in hand, an idea in mind, a story in the heart”

cinema documental

that’s the moto for all these documentarists, sharing their view of the world with us, including a focus on portuguese society from the 60’s to nowadays.

Our dearest friend Sílvia Firmino is one of the chosen directors, with her two awarded docs being screened.

Workshops, talks, music, party…

Check the website for more info and head to Montemor.

belém 24


Museu Berardo celebrates 2 years on the 15th July, next wednesday, with a 24h party for free and for all.

DJ Chloé, DJ Ride (live act), soundscapes at the garden, grafitti walls by Odeith and more to experience at CCB.


el discomovil se mueve

corporación no te vayas corazón presenta una noche dermoestética en odeceixe.

después de la mala fama en copenhagen, tijuana se queda en blue sky.




free entrance


16h – 16h30 : Kumpania Algazarra
16h30 – 17h : Puzzle
17h – 17h30 : Stack em Blues
17h30 – 18h : Lula Pena
18h – 18h30 : Leituras : João Pacheco, Miguel Manso, E. M. Melo e Castro e Cyombra
18h30 – 19h : Babilónia Reduzida
19h – 19h30 : Jorge Ferraz
19h30 – 20h : Fernando Dinis (piano) e Reymundo (acordeão)
20h – 20h30 : Tramas
20h30 – 21h : Pedro e Diana
21h – 21h30 : Leituras : Luís Testa, Alice Valente Alves, Miguel Cardoso e Rui Antunes
21h30 – 22h : Paulo Condessa e Afonso Azevedo
22h – 22h30 : Apetite Mor
22h30 – 23h : Guto Pires
23h – 23h30 : Ventilan
23h30 – 24h : Samuel Úria e Amigos

Next Future festival puts the pace a bit slower.

Penser la Vitesse” is a film based on Paul Virilio’s thoughts: “Does being here and there at the same time make us mutants?”


zdb‘s newly opened terrace will held 4 documentary sessions every wednesday of july.

this week the film is Protesting the Dixie Chicks