corporación no te vayas corazón, in a broken heart breaker mode, is looking for:

saloons, wedding cakes, alligator swamps, uge hats and other places with no rats… all wanted for party like fiesta once upon a month or so.

do you ball?


The Messer Chups will be rock n’ rolling at Cabaret Maxime next saturday the 28.

Promoted by The Wonderland Club, the concert can also be watched online.


Next thursday at Musicbox, Os Homens da Luta will fight for our rights to concern.

irreal surreal


rir tendo consciência da tragédia

20 to 29 march at Casa Conveniente.

From Mário Cesariny‘s world, presented by Há-Que-Dizê-Lo.

“what if suddenly we said all we wanted to.”


sound provided by izisoundsystem

rita braga


next thursday 19th march at lounge an intriguing performance by rita braga.

by her own words:

“Besides digging on musical graveyards around the world (mostly old anonymous/public domain material), while currently working on new originals and often switching collaborations, and picking out sounds of old synthesizers/other keyboards and jumping fleas (a.k.a. ukuleles) she would like to become a pioneer on Extraterrestrial music research before the Earth goes “BOOM”.”

conspiracy tuesdays


17/03 at 8 pm

The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema


after part I on the last session we’ll watch part II tonight.

we’ll also have a caipiroska cocktail provided by some guests.


Having Jorge Luis Borges in mind, this festival brings some Argentinian culture to Lisbon.

Music, dance, exhibitions, films… at CCB until April 8th.


rock n’ rooolll



bunnyranch & tó trips tonight at zdb.

lust for life



The 8th edition of Lisbon’s animated films festival MONSTRA is here and it’s dedicated to Switzerland and to the 100 years of the Futurist Manifesto.

Also, it celebrates Bauhaus 90th birthday (who would’ve thought Peter Murphy could be so old). And Dadaism / Cabaret Voltaire (the club, not the band) will be focused on the evening program.


Wired Science probably suffers from it as well and that’s why we like them.

Here we all have this disruption. We’re not very conventional. Our clocks don’t even have hands. Time, space and the theory of relativity make us think of night and day as a whole. And yes, we do love to sleep on our cozy bunks and platforms at any time.